Scientific Methods Of Tick Control

Controlling the infestation of ticks in your home is essential as they carry numerous harmful diseases. These diseases can be spread between dogs, cats, and even humans. However, complete termination of these insects is possible only with professional help.

Incorporating certain habits may reduce the prevalence of ticks in your home, but complete eradication can be done by tick control simpsonville agencies.

Here are some of the scientifically proven methods of tick control used by professionals.


It has been proven that chemical substances such as icaridin act as insect repellents and can be used directly on the skin or on clothing to repel ticks. Natural compounds such as essential oils in plants can also prevent ticks effectively. These include substances such as carvacrol, Chinese juniper essential oil, and many other natural oils. These substances can be used to keep ticks at bay.


Permethrin is a chemical that can be used on clothes to keep ticks away. However, it cannot be applied directly to the skin. This chemical can kill ticks when it comes in contact with them and is, therefore, effective treatment for the pests. This also means that the ticks die before they can bite your skin.


Another way of regulating ticks in your home is by maintaining the vegetation in your backyard. These may act as hosts for ticks. This problem can be dealt with by applying synthetic or natural chemicals such as acaricides or biological agents to your home’s problem areas. Intervention in the growth of vegetation in your yard will go a long way when it comes to controlling ticks.


Hiring a professional is the most effective treatment for ticks as they are equipped with the given substances. Professional tick control services apply these scientific facts to procure the perfect treatment of ticks in your home. Each case is different and thereby requires the opinion of a professional.

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