Full Dentures Can Be Flexible Too

Here is a brief overview of what to expect from dentures, whether they are going to be full or partial. What does this even mean? Well, simply put, a full set of dentures is obviously going to apply to the replacement of all teeth in the mouth, both top and bottom. But flexible partial dentures west melbourne work merely applies to the loss of just one or two teeth. But in no way does this even begin to suggest that a full set of dentures are going to be inflexible.

Different types of dentures will be under the spotlight. Both maintenance recommendations and potential side effects would have to be discussed with the patient in line with his initial condition. Before a final decision is made, all dentures options should be discussed with the patient. Bottom line is to make the entire process of fitting dentures as flexible and comfortable as possible for the patient.

flexible partial dentures west melbourne

Dentures are fitted to perform as a prosthesis for missing teeth. These are usually made from acrylic, nylon or metal. They are used to replace just one missing tooth or several. And of course, they will be used to replace all teeth. Rest assured that, these days, they usually do fit quite comfortably over the gums. Dentures placed correctly by the dentist will have a number of benefits for the patient. These would include the improvement of speech and eating functions.

And confidence levels are given a nice boost as well. A physical benefit is that the face can be prevented from sagging over time. But more importantly perhaps, dentures do offer protection to any remaining teeth should that be the case. A proper fitting will also be required to match existing teeth’s shape, size and color.

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